Don’t lose any business with the latest EDI technology

Digitization: it is responsible for a radical change in the logistics sector. And at the same time, the increasing complexity of the supply chain seems unstoppable and customers’ demands continuously evolve. There are already companies – also in our clientele – who no longer accept an old fashioned form of EDI. It is all about real-time, bi-directional exchange of data. Do you want to stay in business? Then you must join the digitization movement and start investing in innovation and technology.

​Do your customers demand that you use the latest EDI technology? Do you already use EDI, but are you afraid that it no longer meets the growing demands? Or do you no longer want to be dependent on a third party for your EDI connection?

​Then watch our recorded webinar. During this webinar, David van der Horst, Cloud Solution Architect at Boltrics, shares the latest EDI capabilities within 3PL/Nekovri Dynamics in 15 minutes. He shows how the integration of EDI with your WMS system ensures a seamless flow of information, enables a more efficient collaboration with your customers. Regardless of the system they use.

Watch This Webinar Now

    During this webinar provided by our partner Boltrics, the following topics are discussed :
    • You will learn how you can simplify your communications and streamline your processes with the default interfaces that are available in the message library.
    • We will share how the solution perfectly matches your Dynamics solution.
    • You will discover how can facilitate different systems to communicate – regardless of the underlying technique.
    • And you will get a sneak preview of the integration options that will be made available soon.