Webinar Document Capture
Scan, recognize and register

Every day you receive a new batch of documents. Whether they arrive at your desk or appear by email in your mailbox. From order confirmations to receipt- and shipment documents, but also CMRs and purchase invoices. Documents that all must be handled and processed. One by one.

Does it happen to you that you accidentally forget to share a CMR with your customer? Is there a lack of clarity about whether or not goods have been delivered? Do signed waybills and/or invoices (unintentionally) remain on the desk of your colleague? Stop wasting time manually entering data into Microsoft Dynamics, and discover the possibilities of Document Capture.

In only 25 minutes, Brian van Middendorp, Customer Success Consultant, shares the possibilities and advantages of Document Capture. He shows how you can scan the desired documents from any location and automatically import them directly into Microsoft Dynamics. From recognition to processing. Say goodbye to your paper archive. Create one single source of truth – in the form of a digital archive – where you can easily find documents, prevent miscommunication and reduce the number of complaints.

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    During this webinar provided by our partner Boltrics, the following topics are discussed :
    • Prevent invoices accidentally disappears from the “radar”

    • Easily prevents miscommunication and increases customer satisfaction

    • Enter data into the appropriate Microsoft Dynamics fields with predefined templates