Management reports

Stay Focused on using your strategy and leave managing reports to us. We help to gather, analyse and format reports with saving you time to execute your plan. We offer a full suite of reporting tools that generate documents, spreadsheets, a presentation directing your business modelling layer. We help you configure it on the web so it can be easily accessible in reports. Our robust integration engages your audience by creating dynamic reports with excellent visualization.

Analytics Essentials

If you’re looking to use best practices that help to reduce cost, improve efficiency and identify bottlenecks, then we are the right choice for you. Use the correct tools to process the digital information and anticipate with them. Using Analytics Essentials automate the manual reporting process with ease, use logical steps to build data models, simplify methods with DAX (Data Modelling & DAX), and combine multiple excel worksheets.

Set up dashboards using Dynamics and without using any external tools. Perform in-depth process analysis using the best analytics hub. We offer a dashboard that empowers your organization with real-time performance insights.

Analytics Advanced

The world has astronomical amount of data that is growing larger each day. Therefore, Microsoft Power BI has bought advanced analytics to the daily business process, that allows users to extract knowledge base from data to solve business problems:

  1. We enable a data model to enable transactional processes along with dimensional modelling for reporting.
  2. We create a dashboard and ensure a power BI desktop that convinces large audiences. Later we help to add interactivity with end-users using filters.
  3. We monitor the progress and provide innovative insights using Microsoft Power BI.

Have access to all latest features

by being always up to date and on the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and 3PL Dynamics

Transform KPI’s into visual reports with Analytics Advanced

Are you seeking to add insights from the data and power digital transformation journey? We offer the best performance tracking tool that generates the best reports with the best visual enhancing. Identify, create and Visualize your KPI and make your data-driven decision more efficient.  

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