Communicate Effortlessly With Real-Time Customers Using The Latest EDI Technology

Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central for Finance and operations delivers the best automatic invoicing and real-time visibility into cash flow. Gain visibility and digital intelligence by optimizing operational efficiency and accelerating growth. We have a Microsoft Dynamic 365 team that allows the customer to connect seamlessly in one app.

Dynamics Finance For Logistics Service Providers

Use 3PL Dynamics which integrate with financial administration in Business central where customer register and invoiced promptly. Get real-time insight into your financial situation and generate digital invoicing, purchasing invoice, exchange rate interface and workflow with logistics services providers.

Dynamics 365 Business Central Finance Functionality

All financial processes are available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central:


Connect with our Dynamic 365 Business Central and get immediate access to the system’s key creditors, automatic payment and other overdue items with ease.


Use account receivable and track customer invoice and other incoming payments.

Financial transactions / Accounting

Optimize financial operations with Dynamic 365 and make an excellent choice cross tonne of verticals. Make financial transaction effectively by using various extensive options.

Annual account

Create and Manage your customer’s account easily with Dynamic 365 Business central.

Manage bank accounts

Regularly create and maintain bank accounts using automatic methods and process bank statements using the cast management tool.

Logistics services

Drive business transformation using the power of digital technology and logistics services. Meet the toughest challenge of using cutting-edge solutions.

Manage fixed assets

Regularly create and maintain bank accounts using automatic methods and process bank statements using the cast management tool.

Automatic currency service

Set up exchange rate services with scheduling automated triggers, connectors and third part currencies.

Booking example

Build a comprehensive booking template with Dynamic 365 field services. Focus on booking like setting up errors, invoices and suppliers.

VAT/ ICP declaration

Submit XBRL (extensive Business Reporting language) and submit the ICP declaration individually.

Cash and Cost accounting

The cost accounting process collects data from various sources and analyses end-to-end business cash flow using KPI charts.

Period / postponement templates

Microsoft Dynamic assign revenue automatically by creating a corresponding accounting period. Use standard workflow to create postponement templates.


It’s legendary to implement multi-company using dynamic 365 Business central. Boast rich standard integration and functionality with managing multiple companies in dynamic 365.


Create and Edit business unit using structured departments/division.


Track and analyse documents by categorizing and using financial dimensions.

Localizations and translations

Use the translation process to adapt the software and meet the needs of the language requirements. Make use of Dynamic 365 Business Central Finance and get seamless localization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central consists of financial functionalities that help manage all financial modules from beginning to end.

How 3PL Dynamics Can Help You Make The Most Out Of Your Investment?

All-in-one software for logistics service providers: WMS, TMS, Customs, Air & Ocean Freight.

Purchase Invoice Recognition With
Document Capture

Get an end-to-end solution for document recognition, invoice approval and digital processing with Dynamics NAV. Discover how to make purchase invoice manually by automating the data.

OCR recognition

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) services capture functionality used in Dynamic 365 for Financial. It’s used to automate the data entry process for vendor invoices and is later scanned with OCR. Thereafter the data is recorded in the Dynamic 365 Business Central fields.

Match and approve purchase invoices

The account payable order is approved and submitted to the vendor via process matching invoice. Once the invoice is approved, it can release the accounting and payment process. Perform the process directly through Dynamic 365 Business Central.

The Advantages Of OCR
  • Higher productivity with reduced errors
  • Superior Data Security with automate process steps
  • Improvise customer service
  • Document flow digitalization
  • Increased storage space with cost reduction
  • Editable documents
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