Customer Portal

Give your customer real-time access to data and self-service features. Enhance customer relationships by satisfying customer expectations by using our 24/7 self-service access. Empower your customer to get easy access to the billing info they need. Moreover, provide online access to account information to view usage, download statement, pay bills and manage payments with ease.

The Web Portal Provides Customers With 24/7 Information

Find out how we can create a customer portal and give your client the best support experience. We offer a customizable customer portal solution with 24/7 online access to account details. We provide an ideal tool for communication, data management, collaboration, and business process automation. Along with that, we help you differentiate yourself from others by serving your customer information needs. We enhance ROI, create financial visibility, personalization and build better relationships.

Available Information In The WMS Customer Portal:
  1. Stock overview: Get access to real-time information and stock per product.
  2. Goods in: Exclusive access of Goods in.
  3. Goods out: Exclusive access of Goods out.
  4. Shipments: Monitor via trackers or shipment location.
  5. Reports: Generate seamless reports.
  6. Invoices: Download invoices (pdf).
  7. Quality control: Exclusive access to best-quality product.

View The Customer Portal Leaflet

Simplify the way of doing business and let’s make ideal customer portal for your company? Find out more with us.

Reliable And Safe

We build the best customer service portal with the best security approach

A complete, digital customer service

Tailor your customer portal needs using the best mechanism. Our portal offers 24/7 real-time data insight that helps to identify what customer is looking for. We create a community on your customer portal and help you develop a web-based portal independent of the CRM. Find out more web portal benefits by reading this leaflet.

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