CRM For Logistics Suppliers

Are you looking to have an intelligent logistics solution that empowers the supply chain with gaining 360-degree visibility into your business? Our CRM offers a specific solution that helps to manage interaction with the customer and streamlining business operations, reduce manual work, and improve the efficiency of the transportation processes for frontline staff.

Get a comprehensive CRM module with simplifying solutions, coupled with consistent performance, extensibility and interoperability. We use Microsoft Dynamics for CRM, which allows us to build intelligent business-specific work with extending capability. We have the best team who use an integrated automation solution built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 to create a better customer experience by bringing real-time visibility operations and CRM processes

Enjoy The CRM Possibilities Without The Need For A Separate Solution.

In various industry, administrative and users face difficulties in managing the complexities of data in ERP system. But Microsoft dynamic comes with a solution. Use the CRM module to get good insight and meet the most critical organization needs by discovering customer preference. Use integrated CRM solutions and address operational deficiencies along with improving business intelligence with better operational success.

Reduce The Administrative Burden. Record (tariff) Agreements In One System

There’s no fixed price list available in any organization. But setting up customer agreement can help to generate work orders and invoices along with predefined details. The agreement is commonly used for scheduling and maintaining the organization which perform daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. To prevent the complex integration process, we bring Microsoft Dynamic 365 Business Central to provide flexibility. Accomplish your business process across all CRM platforms.


Get Your Business Under Control By Using The CRM Module Of Microsoft Dynamics.

Confused in choosing which CRM module the right fit for your business is?
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The Sales Tools Within Microsoft Dynamics
Manage your sales opportunities

Increase the sales process with Microsoft Dynamics by personalizing buyer experience and making insight-driven decisions across the entire customer journey. Transform with adopting solutions and growing business.

Never miss a task again

Set up a workflow with managing time and control of the workload. Leverage the CRM platform by ensuring users that you’ll never miss any important task or any opportunities.

Insight with graphs and dashboard

Get easy access to graphs and segments using CRM dashboard and reporting features. Earn maximum insight through graphs with making little effort and creating reliable sales representation. Get easily customizable dashboards, so you get information at any time and anywhere.

The Marketing Tools Within Microsoft Dynamics
Segment your contacts

Generate automated contact form using database information. It allows staff to access that information whenever needed. The segmented contacts are used for quick customer response, workflows and nurture campaigns.

Manage your campaigns

Track campaigns and analyze results with the help of Microsoft Dynamics. Manage campaigns easily with growing your business and offering the best sales results.

Measure your success

Use the best Microsoft Dynamic practices and add value to your campaigns. Hire experts who help you create reports and diagrams with measuring and identifying your success criteria.

The Microsoft Dynamics service tools
Bring all required information together in one place.

Get a flexible workflow with understanding the requirement and get access to the relevant information with Microsoft Dynamics. Use the automation process and generate reports with improving operational efficiency. Microsoft Dynamics assure the correct data to be provided to the right employee in one place.

Register a notification from a document

Create an alert rule with Microsoft dynamics and process the data by defining the content and layout by sending the notification.

Record interactions and appointments

Manage and track records by avoiding duplication and increasing productivity. We help organization to record interactions and communicate well.

Manage expectations with SLAs

Do not listen to the nuisance and ensure that the customer and employee are aware of the agreements. Use the service level agreement and set clear expectations with understanding the customer’s responsibility.

Streamline your internal incident registration

Go paperless and integrate with Microsoft Dynamic CRM. Identify entity type and streamline issues with resolving and improving communication.

Get insight into the possibilities for improvement.

We help you understand better your business by offering the best insight. We analyse and implement newly structural insight that brings incredible impact.

Create a knowledge base

Use module which reflects the latest terminology and focuses on building knowledge management solution by using Microsoft Dynamics. Using this duplicate notification can be handle with ease.

The Advantages at A Glance
  • Automate and secure business
  • Excellent Customer Satisfaction
  • Trusted Technology
  • Excellent sales and marketing strategies
  • Connects the entire business with ease.
  • Get an end-to-end business view
  • Improved Services
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