Boost the efficiency in your warehouse from wherever with the App Platform

Today, everyone wants to change the way software is built. Therefore, we need to rapidly create and deploy critical applications which evolve with your business. Evolve the software and build the app quickly by making a difference in your business. One can build fast, extraordinary, model-driven, visual and cloud-based apps using the App platform. Get engaged with dynamic and segmented app features along with maintaining hybrid web-based mobile apps.

Improve your warehouse efficiency with real-time experience. Optimize your warehouse plan using automation, carefully planning and creating a productive environment. We help you build a strong foundation for future growth and success.

Much more than an application

If you have an App platform, then you can use it for all your devices with ease. Here the platform offers excellent functionalities with great logistics for client, company and customers. Let’s say, for example, HTML5 scanner is used by your warehouse employee or POD app for derivers or stock system used for your clients. It comes with several functionalities where the platform offers more than just a mobile application.

Increase the possibilities for your logistics partners

Increase the possibilities for your logistics partners with the App platform. Increase service options where you no longer have to call you to reserve stock, keep driver-free or book timeslots. Using App Platform get easy access to data from any desired devices. If you wish to access the platform, then confirm the delivery and take necessary actions to your WMS.

Ease the work of your warehouse employees with HTML5 Scanning

When your warehouse employee works with the app platform, they can quickly scan and register directly with their smartphone. All thanks to the drop-down menu and a quality check that’s done using the given time. The team will always have access to the latest technologies, and the transaction will see in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

“The app suits perfectly for use on the go. I no longer have to open my laptop to send a document to a client quickly. Besides, we save a lot of time because photos from the app can be easily linked to a document. Users on the work floor also use the app for order processing and simple daily processes. This allows us to limit many of our processes to one system, which saves time and costs while offering flexibility.” -Jos van de Kant, Managing Director at Vriesveem Balmerd

An always up-to-date platform, directly connected with your WMS

Depended on the business model, one can use internal operations to succeed and make effective use of space with keeping the employee safe. Also, use the App platform, which continuous use of Boltrics products based on industry-wide input. Meet your customer’s potential needs and double the registration. Adopted quickly with meeting complexities while supporting contemporary methods to improve time to value and interoperability using Dynamic 365 application.


Eager to know how it works?

Get all solution in one place? Contact us in case of any doubt.

The essential benefits together
  • One-stop Registration Application
  • Auto-updated technology
  • Accurate matching of labor to Workload
  • Better Forecasting and Planning
  • More customer returns
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction
  • Boost Employee Efficiency
  • WMS directly connected
  • Accessible from anywhere
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