Implementing a software solution isn’t just about technology; it’s also about correctly using the tool to meet your business objectives. That is why Solutions PL, a leading  Dynamics Consultant in USA and in Canada, focuses on a combined approach of using expert opinions, industry veterans, and seasoned implementation executives to devise robust solutions. These programs will help your company on the transition to a technologically mature company by measuring key performance indicators over time and also by correctly training your team to use the tools. Three of our programs are the following :

  1. Audit 4.0: a diagnostic tool to measure your transition towards a technology-centered company
  2. Inventory Accuracy program: allows your team to quickly identify error generating processes and correct them as necessary
  3. Time Motion study: allows your team to better understand the time needed for each operational activity within your company with the goal of correctly calculating costs based on Activities (Activity Based Costing).

Being hailed as a top Dynamics Consultant, we have developed a robust set of SOPs and metrics that help us perform the above activities. In a nutshell, PL focuses on a result-driven approach that is also tractable and replicable.

Audit 4.0

Audit 4.0 is our tool to evaluate the maturity level of your business on the technological aspect.

We use a process-oriented approach where we evaluate key processes in your business and rate, as objectively as possible, the maturity of the processes, the employee technology competencies, and therefore a rating for the business in a whole.


We have two versions of Audit 4.0 :

  1. Full version: Determines at a high level the objectives of your company. On a second step, we evaluate 25 processes within your company in which we choose 5 critical processes.  This allows us to generate a score of the Technology-maturity level of your company.  The goal is to be as objective as possible and to compare the evolution over time.
  2. Light version: Evaluates the employee technology competencies as well as an update on the key processes.

For Quebec companies, Audit 4.0 can be applicable for a grant.

Inventory Precision

Implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central will not miraculously give you visibility on your inventory.  Your company needs to correctly track the inventory fluctuations (Input of inventory, the output of inventory).  Dynamics 365 Business Central and 3PL Dynamics is only a tool to support your company operations and processes.

This being said, to increase inventory precision, Business processes and actions must support the implementation of the ERP.  Continuous improvement of the processes must also be done while implementing the system.

This is why, at Solutions PL, we have an inventory precision program. Our program is based on a cycle counting mechanism that will allow you to identify the inventory fluctuation errors within your process quickly and correct the process accordingly so that it doesn’t occur again. It is based on our broad experience of serving as a logistics consulting service in USA and Canada.

After three months of work, you will see significant changes within your business.  Inventory visibility will be much more precise and Dynamics 365 Business Central/3PL Dynamics will be the De Facto information source for Inventory levels.

How 3PL Dynamics can help you make the most out of your investment?

All-in-one software for logistics service providers: WMS, TMS, Customs, Air & Ocean Freight.

Time Motion Study

When costing and also planning your operational activities (let it be manufacturing, distribution, for 3PL or non-3PL companies), it is crucial to know how long your activities take to then associate a cost and create a plan to deliver on your promises.

Our Time Motion program will allow you to know exactly what is the amount of time needed for each operation. On a second note, as a third-party logistics consultant in USA and Canada, we will help your company determine the cost of these operations, and that will allow you to determine the desired pricing you would want to deliver on the market.

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