Prevent Traffic Jams And Effortlessly Manage The Workflow Around Your Docks

As a logistics service provider, you will recognize it: all docks are full and trucks are queuing for loading. Carriers send multiple trucks at the same time, resulting in unnecessary peaks in your workload. However, you can avoid these well-known off-peak and peak times and plan your resources in advance. In short, are your employees sometimes inundated with deliveries? Or do carriers complain about long waiting times at your loading and unloading platforms? With time slot booking, that is a thing of the past. In this blog we list the advantages for you.

WMS Advanced Timeslot Management

With the module “WMS Advanced Timeslot Management” you can offer your suppliers and carriers the option of digitally booking a timeslot. In this period, the truck is loaded or unloaded without delay. This reduces waiting times, maintains a structured planning and you see in real time when – and what – will be delivered, including the associated agreements.

Timeslot Management in your WMS

A link with the warehouse management system and the time slot module has the advantage that, in addition to booking time slots, you always know what is coming in. With this integration you avoid duplication of work and results or results can be linked to a ride. At a glance you can see all intended departure times and who has already registered. This saves you time as a planner, so you can focus on optimizing the current process instead of having to call after your suppliers.

Time Slots Per Carrier

Because you can use a tight schedule, you prevent traffic jams for your loading and unloading locations. But the system also offers options for imposing restrictions per carrier. For example, you can not allow certain hours or carriers can offer specific days as an option. It can also be calculated how long the unloading will take. For example, using the number of pallets that are loaded in the truck, so that the docks can be used efficiently. In addition, agreements can be made regarding how often a carrier may unload. After the initial setup by a consultant, you can manage this all by yourself.

One step further

Automate the process and you no longer have to worry about registering carriers and/or suppliers. Thanks to Timeslot Management, transporters reserve a time slot in advance and they can see in the web portal when they have booked it and change it if necessary. It is also possible to do the entire registration process automatically, whereby the system determines whether the driver is on time and, for example, automatically gives access to the correct unloading dock (the Gate Access module is also required for this). This results in no queues, no confusion and no errors.

Insight Into Loading And Unloading Times

All booked time slots are clearly displayed in the WMS, which can then be used to control. In addition, analyzes are possible based on the planned arrival time, actual arrival time and planned and actual departure time. Based on this, the time slots can be efficiently planned and your company can be optimally set up.

Would you like more information about time slot booking? Or would you like to know how the WMS Advanced Timeslot Management module can support your logistics processes? Mail to info@solutionpl.com.

Originally posted: https://www.boltrics.nl/2021/05/27/blog-voorkom-files-en-beheer-moeiteloos-de-workflow-rondom-uw-docks/