Perks of using Automatic Invoicing through Microsoft Dynamics 365

In an advancing world, one cannot simply rely upon manual invoicing for all the processes. It is time-consuming, expensive, and prone to errors and delays. To keep up with today’s fast-paced environment, invoice automation is the new norm. PL Solutions offers the best-in-class Microsoft Dynamics 365 that helps efficiently invoicing at a faster pace.

What is automated invoicing through Dynamics 365?

The process at Dynamics 365 starts from the receipt and Put Away  which is simply done through scanning, matching, and coding it to approvals and invoicing. While processing various steps in the receipt the systems add the proper services that are to be invoiced as per the specific customer contract. When the receipt is closed the invoice is automatically created and can be validated by Account Receivable before being posted.

The management effort is minimal and this way, if needed, you can process thousands of invoices per day from hundred of customers with various complicated contracts lines. It also reduces errors, missing a service to invoice for a particular situation, and then making sure that we invoice what we are supposed to invoice.

What are some of the most essential features of Dynamics 365?

  • A large collection of Services
    • Examples of Added services in Receiving
      • Transport organized by the customer arrived late
      • Receipt arrived without paperwork
      • Invoicing per document and/or per pieces
      • Non-notified receipt charges
      • Time to relabel boxes, off loading container etc.
    • Examples of Storage Price
      • Price per cubage used
      • Various price according to different period of the year
      • A different invoice price for Dead stock.
    • There is a large collection of services for Receipt, Shipment, Returns and other processes depending on the steps executed within the processes and these are all easy to configure.

Microsoft Dynamics is at the heart of establishing good relations with your clients. Through this, because you reduce errors, you do not have to worry about timely invoicing and payments from your clients. As a result, you can work upon demanding as well as delivering enhanced quality of services to the customers, the invoicing are smoothly generated and the invoicing process of your business can function on autopilot.

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