Improve the Quality of your Transport Order Processing with Workflows

The logistics industry is leading the world by the hand with the help of its supporters one of them being the transport sector. This sector is truly invaluable as it caters to all the requirements of its customers. Along with dealing with their clients, the transport sector ensures their services are top-notch too. It is easier to put it but it is definitely an extremely challenging role. Now when the labour market is doing its best, when they are coupled with a software system, it can help them to ace the entire process. Therefore, the detailed logistics operation is further divided into a step by step procedure which is further given a status attachment to it that is to be checked off on completion. Example: When the order is placed, it is given a ‘11- New’ and when the order is finally delivered, it will indicate ‘41-Delivered.’

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How are Statuses beneficial for your Transport Orders?

1. Minimise mistakes with automated built-in check- 

As consumers, our responsibility ends right when we place an order. However, as suppliers, their duty has just begun. In order to ensure that there is no error throughout the process till the order is delivered, several check-ins have to be made from time to time. Manual check in can not only be frustrating but there are high chances of any fallacy in between while fulfilling the order. Therefore, when you attach a status to your existing orders, not only your drivers take due precaution while riding through an environmental zone as they are informed in advance but the atomization will also ensure that all information has been duly filled by your customer accurately. Not only 95% of your orders enter digitally, but are also checked off easily with computers and scanners on the go that provides for the invoices at the last step.

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2. Personalised workflows for every customer-

Neither are the sellers the same nor the customers. The transport sector is blessed with a varied base of customers with individualistic needs from delivery to pricing. With statuses, a workflow is curated for every customer so that their demands are met with ease by our drivers. Moreover, when resources come together with restrictions there is no worry about delivering the wrong item at the wrong address as a warning keeps the drivers on their toes.

3. Strategize better with workflows- 

The Transport Management System (TMS) should be curated in a way that it has specific planners for specific departments. As a result, when any new order crops up, it is sent right into the specific division without any wastage of time.  

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