Automatically recognize and process incoming documents in your logistics software

logistics software Automatically recognize and process

The rise of artificial intelligence is inevitable. But where the practical usefulness of AI was still completely a conjecture a few years ago, entire texts are already being written using AI programs such as ChatGPT. And AI also offers a solution for your logistics processes. Although not with the generation of texts, but with the recognition of these. For example, we have already written about the renewed Document Capture module, in which we can read all kinds of AI-based documents in your logistics software. In this (self-written!) blog we share the apps that are now online.


From document capture to form recognition

Before we dive into AI applications, let’s start with the name. We no longer call the new solution Document Capture, but Form Recognition. It echoes the name of the Azure function applied. It immediately says more about the possibilities it offers: processing all documents with a structured form (form). An addition to the existing Document Capture Essentials module, which can add attachments based on barcode recognition.


Form recognition applications

In your logistics process, you will need to process a wide variety of incoming documents. This way, you will receive an invoice issued differently from each supplier alone. This is complex for OCR logistics software. But AI-based pattern recognition can learn and therefore deal with it in increasingly intelligent ways.


Purchase invoices

The most obvious application of form recognition is therefore the recognition of purchase invoices. This allows not only the recognition of global information (such as supplier, total amount, etc.), but also the recognition of rules. And recognition of invoices that you receive digitally or that you have already scanned. The purchase invoice is automatically created for you in your logistics software and you only do the verification or additions. This is where your time savings with form recognition come into play.


Automatically process purchase invoices

Although recognizing the content of the invoice may already seem complicated, it is really just the beginning. The real complexity lies in the application of the data to the invoice. Because you prefer to process purchase invoice lines automatically as much as possible. Only then will you really save time. 

A fairly basic automation is to place rules on a fixed general ledger account. More advanced is when you can make this invoice depend on the supplier. Another step in automation is recognizing services. The services have their own booking settings. And it gives more leeway for the variation of the general ledger account, but also for the application of cost centers and dimensions. The most advanced automation is full integration into your case process. It is possible to automatically link purchase invoice lines to a cost line in your FMS file. This confirms your view on the outcome and the reservations in the file.


Recognition of notices of assessment to customs documents

In addition, to purchase invoices, form recognition can also automatically recognize and process all kinds of other forms in your software. In your process, it is often necessary to determine based on the content of the “PDF file” to which file or order it belongs as an attachment. And then the file must be continued a status. In this way, many of our clients already process Arrival Notices (NOAs) and Customs Export Guide (EX A) documents using Form Recognition.

In addition, there is already a demand for other customs documents, NVWA forms and forms used in (air) ports. In other words, as you read this, new models are being formed and added. So you can track your processes without having to worry about incoming documents.


Is pattern recognition a solution for everything?

The answer is simple: yes. Form recognition can be applied in many situations and scenarios. And yes, text recognition is flawless in more than 99% of cases. But sometimes, pattern recognition is not the most effective solution for your process.


Digitize your communication, even without AI

Despite the success of pattern recognition, there are sometimes alternatives that fit your processes better than AI and pattern recognition. Take, for example, a supplier for whom you receive an invoice four times a year and need specific administrative processing. Your financial employee processes this invoice in ten minutes. While an automated solution for this particular situation can take you two days of programming work.

Or take your supplier who sends you several invoices a week. Maybe they can also deliver their invoices in UBL or XML, just like your client who structurally delivers his missions in beautiful PDFs. They could just as easily provide a CSV or XML file.

logistics software Automatically recognize and process With senders who regularly send something, consider the possibility of EDI (API). This may seem more complicated than text recognition, but it can also eliminate unnecessary line noise. And we are happy to set up such links for you!


More information for logistics software?

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