7 reasons why Dynamics 365 drives Digital Transformation?


 The advancing world needs businesses to hold an online presence. This helps the companies additionally to meet the client’s requirements, excel the competitive pressure, and stand up to changing demands of the customers in order to fulfill the goals of the company. This digital transformation can help businesses in multiple ways. 

What exactly is Dynamics 365? 

Dynamics 365 is a product line of Microsoft and it contains cloud-based business applications. These applications include CRM applications, Marketing, Sales, and ERP solution Business Central. They provide an enhanced experience to businesses by being flexible in their usage by individuals or during the entire work process. Dynamics 365 can work efficiently in collaboration with other Microsoft products like Office 365, Microsoft 365 products such as Excel, Word, Emails and the Power Platform. They improve the productivity of the organization through better communication and provide insights into the analytics and as well as the option of automation to the enterprise.   

7 essential reasons why Dynamics 365 will provide Digital Transformation: – 

1) Unified Data:

As these applications are connected internally, it means the customer data is shared across these apps which helps in eliminating unused and isolated data. This in turn leads to better performance of every employee as the centralized data is easily accessible to them. It accelerates their efficiency wherein they can quickly act upon the data as per its requirements. 

2) Remote Working Opportunity:

The chief property of Dynamics 365 is that they are cloud-based applications. Moreover, these apps are upgraded monthly so that businesses always access the latest developments in Dynamics 365. In addition to that, it gives freedom to the employees as they are not dependent on the on-premise servers. There are also certain mobile apps that share important functions of a desktop app in order to provide access on the go. 

3) Customized Features:

The Business Central app is suitable for various industries like finance, manufacturing, sales, shipping, product management, and more. With the help of highly adaptable features, organizations can personalize their functionalities as per their region of operation. A large selection of specialized industries functionalities, easy to instal, are available as extensions to the ERP. The latest update wherein Dynamics 365 has partnered with Shopify allowing a synchronization of item, inventory, orders, images and payout improving efficiency and accuracy of information in Shopify in the end benifiting the customer. 

4) Budget-Friendly:

Companies can easily subscribe to transparent monthly plans and gain licences as per the needs of the organization. Moreover, when the hosting lies on the Azure cloud, enterprises can take quick decisions of upsizing or downsizing without wasting any time. It is cost-effective as it does not require making changes or upgrading the server. 

5) Automation

In our new Post Covid world with our shortage of manpower, system’s automation is one of the keys to this required efficiency. Dynamic 365 and its extensions enables you to stream line sending Emails, Document layouts, Bank payments, Exchange rate updates, OCR (transforming a Vendor invoice into a Purchase invoice). 

6) Merger with Microsoft Teams:

With the help of Dynamics 365 Sales, prospect calling, recording live transcripts, viewing the history of prospects, and more becomes possible. As a result, salespeople and customers enjoy an improved calling experience which increases productivity and communication within the app. 

7) Artificial Intelligence:

Dynamics 365 utilizes AI which benefits the company in predicting the requirements of the organization and the customers. As a result, maintenance and support to placing orders or providing feedback, all forms of activities are recommended through business insights. Thus, businesses can profit immensely through the means of artificial intelligence. 

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