4 Ways 3PL Dynamics Benefits Your Third-Party Logistics Business

At the core of every successful eCommerce lies a rock-solid third-party logistics (3PL) service. Its efficiency, professionalism and competence are crucial to the effective functioning of eCommerce. However, 3PL services can be overwhelmingly large. Massive amounts of data are generated and require coordination at every turn to facilitate a smooth business.

Trying to manage everything manually can be a recipe for disaster. Especially in this era of increasing customer demands for shorter lead times and lower shipping costs, tightening data security norms, and shrinking budgets, you need technology that you can rely on.

This is where 3PL Dynamics comes in. It’s a software purpose-built for the 3PL logistics industry. Coming from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 family, this cutting-edge system eases your workload, enhances your business, and gives you a leg up over competitors.

Let’s explore four benefits of using 3PL Dynamics for your business.

1. A scalable and flexible solution

3PL Dynamics offers a fully modular solution to your logistics business. Its large array of built-in features enables every aspect of 3PL business like warehousing, sea, air and land freight, cold storage, groupage, customs, and more.

We know one size doesn’t fit all. This is why 3PL Dynamics lets you choose the features you need and add on whenever necessary as your business grows. As a leading Dynamics consultant in North America, we can help you get the best out of your 3PL Dynamics implementation.

2. Track your stock with ease

With 3PL Dynamics, you can manage multiple warehouses, capture goods data such as SKUs, serial number, batch, parts, etc. and get real-time reports of your inventory. This significantly reduces the time, resource, and scope of error compared to manual management using emails and spreadsheets. The software also has in-built warehouse strategies to monitor inventory activities in and out of the warehouse.

3. Manage client relationship

3PL Dynamics also acts as an effective CRM platform that makes it easier to handle multiple clients seamlessly. It does the job of creating WMS contracts and price agreements. It also integrates all the supply chain information in one place. You can give your clients real-time reports to the client portal as well as a better view of their business. Operating this software with ease, you can effectively improve business productivity and increase customer satisfaction.

4. Improve operations with Microsoft Power BI

Implementing 3PL Dynamics for your business means that you also have access to Microsoft’s powerful Business Intelligence (BI) tool which has extensive reporting and analytics capability. Power BI integrates with 3PL Dynamics and Business Central (Microsoft’s ERP tool from the same family) to provide critical business insights in real time.

Final Thoughts 

3PL Dynamics combines the best of technologies to provide a comprehensive solution that meets the unique needs of 3PL businesses. With its advanced suite of tools including ERP, TMS, WMS and FMS, efficiently running a 3PL service is no longer a dream.

Implementing this technology for your business requires the expertise of seasoned IT personnel. Leave it to PL Solutions, North America’s authorized 3PL Dynamics reseller. Book a free consultation call with us now on +1 (518) 966-6704!