3 new TMS developments in 3PL Dynamics to help you move forward

TMS developments in 3PL Dynamics

The transportation industry faces great challenges. From driver shortages to government regulations. Do you want to continue to operate successfully? Then, you will have to reduce costs and save time by focusing on efficiency. However, it is this efficiency that is being put under pressure by the unpredictability of the supply chain and the growth in the number of small shipments. In addition, labor shortages will continue to grow over the next few years, increasing the need for a cloud-based 3PL Dynamics transportation management system even more.

You need software that will help you win in the worldwide transportation game. Eliminate unnecessary miles/kilometers, reduce fuel cost, waiting time and handling. Following those challenges, 3PL Dynamics has been enriched with new features and improvements that match your needs as a transportation company. In this article, we share three developments made from recent TMS projects.


Improved performance means better performance

First of all, the developers at 3PL Dynamics have invested lot of time to improve performance, not only technically but also functionally. These developments allow the TMS application to be more efficient and this in all its extent. The app now loads data way faster and has a clear user interface. Thanks to the introduction of the modern action bar, the system now works more intuitively. With it, you can now go a step further and create yourself functions and actions in a logical way for your specific processes.


3 new TMS 3PL Dynamics features

Part of the philosophy behind 3PL Dynamics is that the industry standard is continually improving. The goal is to make new developments from ongoing projects to all other logistics service providers who work with TMS developments in 3PL Dynamics. The result, among other things, is the following new TMS features:


1. Planning Worksheet

With the planning worksheet, it becomes possible to compile 3PL Dynamics TMS routes into proposal paths. These routes can be supplemented by orders that should arrive but are not yet available. As a result, preliminary planning can be done that already offers a lot of information. Eventually, these proposals can be continued until the last trips.


2. Irregularities

When you are active in transport, you have to deal with all kinds of irregularities arising from the implementation of transport. For example, when customers are not available for delivery, the address is unavailable or unknown, or the goods are damaged or missing. This feedback can be shared with the customer service of the transport service via the onboard computer (or by phone). From there, the customer service employee can deal with these irregularities and immediately initiate follow-up actions. In 3PL Dynamics, the first foundation of this feature has now been developed.


3. Periodic customer updates

It is now possible to send automatic periodic updates to your customers. With the communication scheduling and scheduling rules feature, you can periodically notify customers about the status of orders, for example, think about expected ETA’s or delivery statuses.


3PL Dynamics Coming soon!

 The development of 3PL Dynamics’ TMS module is far from complete. Soon, the possibilities will expand with “cash on delivery” and GEO coding via job queues, which improves performance and data reliability. In addition, you can expect a new on-board computer API framework, allowing for better and more flexible maintenance of onboard computer integrations. Multiple developments are scheduled on TMS Contracts, from contractual clauses and discounts on freight rates, to visualization and publication. So, stay tuned for more new features!


Do you want to learn more about Solution PL 3PL Dynamics TMS solution or the developments in the next months? Mail to info@solutionpl.com.