Monitor and Evaluate Your Digital Transformation Performance

Digital adoption isn’t just about using Software, it’s more about how humans interact with the software than anything else. So the maturity level is based on three variables :

  • Operational Processes
  • HR competency
  • IT Governance

At Solutions PL, we have developed a way to grade your digital maturity which is called Audit 4.0.  So, the first phase of any implementation is a formal review of all your business.  We will evaluate 25 processes in which 5 are to be considered as critical; the HR level of competency; and finally the IT Governance of your business.

Your digital maturity will be re-evaluated after every optimization phase through a lighter version of our initial Audit.

Technology Implementation Phase

Our company is focused on bringing results through the technological transformation of your organization.  That is why we have developed a proven methodology that allows us to guarantee results within our 90-day program.


Our program is based on three pillars :

  1. Best of Breed solution and Expert Consulting: 3PL Dynamics is a best-of-breed solution for Logistics Service Providers. Therefore, we very rarely see gaps between our customers and the system.
  2. One Objective: Going Live on the scheduled date. So, we need to choose the functionalities which will be ready for the Go-Live date.
  3. Customer Sweat: Yes, to implement an ERP system, let it be any ERP system, demands effort.  So, you need to show up.  And we’ll help you achieve the results you want.
About us

Founded in 2009, PL Solutions started in Logistics and Operations Consulting.

In 2012, PL solutions developed an expertise and a focus on a tool that brings considerable value to its customer base : Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, PL Solutions helped companies on the Business side as well as on the Technology side from 2012 to 2019.

As of 2019, PL solutions partnered with Boltrics to offer an industry-specific solution on Dynamics NAV/Business Central to the 3PL industry.

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