Automate Tariff Agreement

Being a part of the logistics and transportation industry, it is mandatory to sign tariff agreements against transport orders. These contracts help safeguard the mutual interests involved in the transportation request from your customers. Businesses can automate tariff agreement generation and customize them for their clientele with the help of a transport management system provided by PL Solutions, a premier ERP consultancy firm.

What Makes Tariff Agreements An Essential Part Of Transportation Industry

Similar to the proforma invoices generated in the case of physical goods, a tariff agreement plays the role of confirming the pricing considerations and scope of service to avoid any dispute between the shipper and the client in the future case of adverse situations like a breakdown. It also helps establish the responsibilities in case of such conditions. This makes it extremely necessary to sign tariff agreements.

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The Major Terms And Conditions Covered By Tariff Agreements
Shipment Delivery Period And Trip Route

The tariff agreement covers two of the most important transportation factors: the estimated time period within which delivery of the goods will be completed and the route followed by the truck. Both of these aspects are complementary to each other and allow the customers to understand their priority in case of payloads other than full truckload (FTL.)

The Responsibility Of The Shipper In Case Of Damage/Late Arrival

They also contain all responsibilities on the part of the shipper in case of parcel / full damage to the consignment and late delivery. Shipping insurance policies are also a part of this consideration.

The Storage Conditions During The Transit

Many goods require the shipper to maintain favorable storage conditions inside the truck, right in the case of edible items and medical supplies. The tariff agreement also takes into account the value addition provided by the logistics partner and adds the cost incurred to the building amount as specified by the shipper.

How Does TMS Aid In Managing Tariff Agreements
Enables The Clients To Generate Automated Traffic Estimates

The biggest benefit of using a transport management system to enable automated tariff agreement generation for your customers is that they can create tariff estimates without your help. Generally, every logistic company provides their customers with a special quote for a given time period. The TMS solution will use the static conditions to generate billing amounts based on the customer’s variables.

Synchronizes Transportation Details With Warehouse Management System

The inventory transit details synchronized with the warehouse management system inventory control module to give a crystal clear vision of inventory in the pipeline. This results in great convenience for your customers as they can make better business decisions.

Automates Record Keeping

All shipping tariff data is stored on your central database to help maintain record keeping and use it for reference purposes. These records can prove to be useful for cross-checking during financial audits and serve as proof in case of any discrepancies.

Features Of TMS-Enabled Tariff Agreements Provided By PL Solutions
  • The solution will include the integration of the tariff agreement builder module with your shipping management and fleet management system.
  • You can also use tariff agreement generation functions on the fleet management system’s mobile app to make communication smoother for your customers.
  • Like other solutions provided by us, your drivers will get appropriate training to use the TMS-enabled tariff generator.
  • Annual maintenance services are also a part of PL Solutions’ comprehensive offering.
  • You can avail customer support via chat, phone call and emails.
  • The format for the tariff agreement will also be shared with the clients, and it will also sport customization.
Advantages Of Tariff Agreements
  • Get the ins and outs of the entire transport process covered by legally backed documentation.
  • You will get a clear idea regarding the scope of service you are liable to extend.
  • The payment terms and mode will be communicated well in advance, thus reducing any chances of error.
  • Integration with the transport management system wards off the administrative workload off your shoulders and provides your clients with an option to generate traffic contracts automatically using the preset conditions.
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