Warehouse Order Management System

Order management is the set of activities undertaken against the agreement of a customer to make a purchase of a pre-specified product/service according to mutually agreed terms and conditions. Once issued, an order is a legally binding transaction for both parties involved. PL Solutions, a class-leading ERP consultant, offers a comprehensive order management suite to its clients to improve their operations and boost their revenues.

Why You Need A Proper Software Tool For Order Management?

When the number of orders to be processed increases beyond a certain threshold, it becomes nearly impossible to verify the details and accept orders manually. Moreover, the process involves verifying whether the item whose order was received is in stock and can be shipped within due deadlines. The operator also needs to prompt the inventory manager regarding the sold-out stock, who in turn coordinates with the procurement team. Thus, an order management tool is required to automate all administrative tasks involved in the process and update the selling channels regarding availability on an immediate basis.

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What Are The Basic Functions Executed By An Order Management System?
Processing Order Requests Across All Selling Portals And POS

One of the basic functions of an order management module is to accept the purchase request from all online marketplaces, your website, and point of sale systems. This requires verifying order details, item availability, cost-discount considerations, and applying any special offers as used by the buyer.

Synchronizing Order Data With All ERP Modules

Another important function is synchronizing the order data with various ERP modules that include accounting software, inventory management system, order picking module, and shipping management system. This is a basic requirement for coordinating operations as each stakeholder is provided with relevant data to execute their functions.

Provide Shipping Prices And Accept Payments

For online sellers, it is necessary to display the shipping price is applicable on a real-time basis, and the order management system coordinates with the shipping partners to display the minimum possible shipping charges to your customers. It also allows you to accept payments using credit cards, digital wallets, and cash for POS-based orders.

Which Considerations You Should Keep In Mind While Selecting An Ideal Order Management Solution?
Support For Multichannel Selling

The first thing you should check out in an order management solution is the support for multi-channel selling and the number of channels supported. When using a SaaS-based solution with Dynamics 365, this aspect becomes even more essential as this software charges according to the number of channels included.

Automation Capabilities

The ability of your solution to build and support automation workflows also impacts your order management solution’s overall effectiveness. We also provide multilevel nested automation workflows for implementing end-to-end computerized order processing.

Integration Support

As evident above, the order management tool must support integration with various third-party apps and your ERP suite for ensuring smooth operations without any human intervention.

Salient Features Of Order Management System Provided By PL Solutions
  • The order management system developed by PL Solutions helps you with multi-channel support with any number of marketplaces, social media selling channels, POS systems, and your eCommerce store to provide a seamless selling experience.
  • Our technical team will also carry out the customization and integration of your order management system with Dynamics 365 or any other ERP system of your choice, including mobile app development.
  • Depending on the client request, superuser access is granted to add new automation workflows and make changes to the existing ones.
  • Which stakeholder of your organization is updated regarding the number of orders received, canceled, returned, and payment confirmation depending on their role.
  • PL Solutions will also provide you with an annual maintenance service, and troubleshooting over email, telephonic conversations, and live chat.
  • We will also provide comprehensive training to your technical staff and operators so that they can use the system to its full potential.
Advantages Of Using Order Management System
  • Get high accuracy in order processing.
  • Safeguard your brand against overselling/underselling.
  • Reduce the dependence on human resources.
  • Benefit from automated order management, including payment processing for all selling channels on a 24×7 basis.
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