Linking onboard units with TMS

Linking onboard units refers to integrating the CPUs of your fleet vehicles with the transport management system for getting greater insights into the shipping process. Among its exhaustive range of services, linking onboard units with your fleet is part of the PL Solutions’ service portfolio offered to its clients worldwide.

Why Are More And More Logistics Companies Implementing Linking Onboard Units?

The major reason behind implementing onboard unit integration with transport management systems is cost optimization and exercising greater control over the fulfillment operations. Also, getting live updates of the inventory in transit is becoming a functional requirement for the logistics industry, thereby making it necessary to implement onboard unit integration.

Wondering How To Initiate Linking Onboard Units For Your Business?

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Which Functions Are Executed Through Linked Onboard Units?
Route Planning And Load Analytics

Integrating the onboard computers on the vehicle with your transport management system allows automating processes like route planning and load analytics for your entire fleet. This also includes data visualization for various datasets and centralized management of all vehicles.

App-Based Communication

Apart from the truck’s onboard computers, PL Solutions will also provide an app-based messaging service that connects the drivers with the central office management teams. This helps establish a two-way communication channel between both parties, and they can notify each other of any altercations.

Real-Time Shipment Tracking

The truck’s GPRS unit will provide real-time data regarding the location, which can be shared with third parties as required. This can be especially useful for logistics companies operating with short lead times as sharing shipment location with customers is a part of their service model.

Different Insights Generated Using Linked Onboard Units
Driving Behaviour Analysis And Routing History

The integration will help generate extensive insights into the driving patterns and route undertaken to establish co-relationships between driving, route conditions, and the time period during which transportation is carried out. It will aid in making decisions regarding route allocation and assign the best driver based on their experience.

Timesheet Generation And Trip Planning

One of the major challenges for logistics companies is calculating timesheets. But with such solutions, the entire process is automated as video surveillance, and ID authentication generates all required information. The data is then directly fed to the payroll software for processing wages and reimbursements. Trip planning is also benefited from the GPRS data as drivers can change their route based upon the inputs regarding any traffic jams or other problems. The changes in the trip route are also updated to the central office.

Fuel Consumption And Engine Health Monitoring

With are a few additional enhancements in the trucks, you can avail fuel consumption rate and engine’s mechanical conditioning data. Thus, you can automate predictive analysis and improvise a significant chunk of maintenance activities using these insights.

Features Of The Onboard Unit Linking Service Provided By PL Solutions
  • PL Solutions will provide GPRS-based software integration with your trucks and suggest additional hardware installation depending on your fleet infrastructure.
  • You will be able to view real-time status insights regarding shipment location, fuel usage, condition of the trucks and get comprehensive reports for each trip with provisions to evaluate the performance based on factors like the assigned driver, transportation route, timing, and truckload.
  • In case of a breakdown, the nearest driver is alerted to provide any help and take shipment in their custody in case space is available. This information is also shared with the nearest repair facility and roadside assistance partners.
  • PL Solutions will provide annual maintenance services and troubleshooting assistance over live chat, email, and telephonic conversations as per the SLA signed.
  • The integration with ERP Solutions like 3PL Dynamics and Dynamics 365 as well as mobile app development will be included in the package, while installation of sensor and other monitoring equipment will be through mutual agreement.
Advantages Of Linking Onboard Units
  • You can get extensive data regarding driving habits and monitor vehicle information like engine health and fuel consumption rate.
  • Reduce costs incurred on fuel and maintenance
  • Make smarter decisions on trip planning and route allocation.
  • Reduce breakdowns and accidents using video surveillance and engine monitoring.
  • Automate payroll processing and travelling allowance disbursement.
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