Graphical Planning Board

A graphical planning board acts as an integrated dashboard for data visualization purposes related to resource utilization. It is one of the most popular methods to get a birds-eye view of operations in an engaging manner. It helps to detect any unusual bottlenecks in your production facility and devise probable solutions to pacify the situation. PL Solutions is a reputable name in the ERP consultancy business, and we provide graphical planning board customization solutions.

Graphical Board
Why Graphical Planning Boards Require Customization?

Every organization follows a unique set of practices and operational methods, which makes it necessary to customize data visualization tools. The planning board needs to  take factors unique to the organization into consideration to represent a tailored overview of the resource utilization scenario. Moreover, certain process parameters and their interpretation can be different to various businesses, which makes it necessary to customize the graphical planning boards. This makes it one of the most sought-after modules for SAP customization for users across the globe.

Thinking Of Customizing Your Graphical Planning Board?

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How Does A Graphical Planning Board Aid In PPC?
Provide Visual Classification Of Production Issues

Depending on the logic settings, you can evaluate production bottlenecks and probable reasons behind them, which over allocation of workload and idling. The visualization logics are interpreted as below:
1. One Line Per Order
2. One Line Per Resource (Resource view)
3. One Line Per Operation (Operation view)

Help Understand Unusual Events

Unusual events in terms of supply chain management and PPC refer to conditions when one or multiple parameters responsible for carrying out the production process deviates or is completely absent. Having lesser components than required as per the bill of materials can be considered one such example.

Aid In Establishing Relationships Between Processes And Operating Conditions

The logic setups mentioned above helps the user to understand relationships between various processes and resources executing them. It also helps establish relationships between the production process of various parts.

How Does PL Solutions Team Approach Graphical Planning Board Customization?
Interact With The Stakeholders Of Your Organization And Conduct Capacity Audit

Our three-phased approach begins with conducting micro research of your existing operating model through interactions with various stakeholders and assessing their expertise level. On the other hand, a full spectrum capacity audit is run for estimating your production potential, capabilities of your human resources as a collective, real estate are available for utilization, and the production capacity of your machinery.

Devise A Feedback Mechanism And Run Development Phase

Based on the inputs generated through stakeholder interactions and capacity audit, the ideal feedback mechanism is canvassed, and after receiving a nod from the client end, our technical team will commence the development process.

Implement And Train Clients For Using The Custom Graphical Planning Board

The final phase includes integration of the data visualization set up as agreed upon. This is followed by client training which involves understanding which data is shown on the graphical planning board, how to perform the planning process using it and to understand the trajectory of parameters making an impact on the resource utilization graphs.

Salient Features Of Graphical Planning Board Customization Services Offered By PL Solutions

The customized graphical planning board developed by PL Solutions will be in line with the customer expectations and follow the requirements scheme thoroughly. You can choose to mark an outcome which of particular color blocks input workplace data in a manner that suits your employees.

Our team will train your staff to perform actions on the customized graphic planning board ranging from customizing ETM to choosing between using automated scheduling algorithms and the “fill in holes” feature.

The graphical planning boards you can get customized include but not limited to:

  • Production Control
  • Simulation Cost Monitor
  • Sequencer
  • Rough-cut Dispatcher
  • Master Planner
  • ATP Planner
  • Capacity and Constraints

PL Solutions will furnish you with the necessary documentation and provide assistance in issues over live chat, telephonic conversations, and emails.

Graphical Planning Board
Graphical Planning Board
Advantages Of Using Graphical Planning Board
  • Get information regarding efficiency levels and resource allocation from a single dashboard.
  • Perform planning at multiple levels and for different aims using the intuitive dashboard.
  • Take full advantage of the flexibility offered by SAP’s PPC (Production Planning Cockpit) for viewing resource and order situations in tabulated formats.
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