Fuel Management System

For any logistics company, managing the fuel consumption rate is one of the biggest tasks as it has a huge impact on its profitability and overall sustainability. Also, following the global development in recent times, it is becoming increasingly important to optimize fuel consumption for adhering to environmental guidelines. PL Solutions is a market leader in providing ERP System consultancy services, and it offers fuel management solutions to its global clientele as a part of its multifaceted solution structure.

Importance Of Approaching Fuel Management Scientifically

With the increased pressure on the supply chains, it is evident that the logistics and transport industry will be required to optimize every aspect that impacts its bottom line. Fuel cost forms a major part of the operating costs, and with increasing complexities in the fulfillment models, it is necessary to use scientific methods backed by technical advances. This will help businesses make smarter decisions regarding their operating methods and get extensive insights into their business model.

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When Should You Consider Buying A Fuel Management System?
Your Fleet Size Is Expanding Rapidly

One of the biggest indicators that you are in need of a dedicated fuel management system is your expanding fleet size. As you continue to grow your business, it becomes difficult to keep track of your fleet’s individual fuel consumption rates. Thus, having a proper solution is necessary to keep your bottomline healthy.

You Are Witnessing Sudden Increase In The Fuel Costs

A sudden surge in fuel costs is another fine indicator of requiring a proper fuel management system in order to prevent any unnecessary wastage of fuel and malpractices committed by your drivers.

You Require A Proper Solution Compliance Purposes

Many countries require logistics operators to maintain a healthy fuel consumption rate for upholding environmental sustainability. For instance, Australia has implemented Fuel Tax Credit reconciliation, requiring the logistics companies to report accurate fuel usage data that can only be provided by a software tool.

How PL Solutions Decides Ideal Fuel Management Solution For Transport Management?
Your Fleet Size And Routes Covered

PL Solutions ensures that the full management solution is tailored to meet your operational requirements and hence every detail, including your existing fleet size, routes covered, expansion plans, mechanical condition of your vehicles, and prevailing consumption rates and noted down to lay down the basis of the proposed solution.

The Need For Technical Sophistication

Certain technical requirements from the client and also impact the architecture and overall design of the fuel management solution. For instance, the client can implement a feature that allows collaboration with fuel pumps to dispense only if the assigned driver is present with the truck through electronic ID authentication. Also, a sudden drop in fuel economy may alert the driver as well as the nearest maintenance partner. Thus, the degree of customization is an important factor that impacts the transportation management system’s fuel management capabilities.

Proposed ROI To The Client

It is verified that the proposed solution delivers appropriate ROI to the clients. This is an important factor since the development and equipment costs need to be in line with the ROI generated by the system.

Salient Features Of Fuel Management System Offered By PL Solutions

● The integration of the fuel management system with your ERP solution helps you gain a 360-degree idea of the financial impacts of different transportation parameters, which includes truckload, the average speed during the journey, truck age, and engine condition.

● The fuel management system will also generate predictive analytics data that will indicate any requirement for maintenance checkups and relatively smaller requirements right checking tire pressure based on the fuel economy achieved.

● Also, using a fuel management system helps prevent vehicle theft as the software can block the engine ignition by cutting the fuel supply off.

● PL solutions also offer premium customization features like integration with GPS-based fleet management system and video surveillance as requested from the client end.

● The drivers and managers can use mobile apps for tracking fuel consumption rates, route management, and processing invoices.

Advantages Of Fuel Management System
  • Track any driving abnormalities and malpractices using fuel consumption data.
  • Increase the mileage of every vehicle in your fleet using predictive maintenance reports.
  • Exercise better control over fuel dispensing and storage at your facilities.
  • You can coordinate with fuel pump owners for quick refueling and identity authorization-based fuel dispensing.
  • Generate fuel consumption reports as required by authorities.
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