Fleet Management System

Fleet management system allows you to optimally utilize every vehicle of your sleep right from their purchase to scrapping and get real-time information about their location, operating conditions, and communication with the drivers. PL Solutions provides its clients with advanced fleet management solutions that can help boost their profitability and operational efficiency.

Which Reasons Are Contributing To The High Demand Of Fleet Management Systems?

As we move towards the era of hyperconnected supply chains, it is necessary for logistics companies to have a 360-degree view of their fleets. A fleet management system enables them to gather live updates regarding each truck’s position, their fuel consumption rates, and the condition of the items being carried. This data is also being required by consumers. Also, fleet management systems allow coordination with the central facility for smoother management. All of these reasons have together contributed to the high demand for fleet management software across global markets.

Wondering How To Implement A Fleet Management System?

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Fleet Management Functions Aided
Facilitate Communication Between Fleet Members And Central Office

The fleet management software allows your drivers to communicate internally and with your central office location as required through the mobile app. This is an extremely useful feature since the drivers can be alerted if they didn’t notice any issue with their truck. On the other hand, drivers can also reach out if an unexpected emergency or changes in the trip route occur.

Automate Transport Management Workflows

You can automate the TMS workflows like scheduling maintenance, planning refueling through the trips, and many other tasks using a dedicated FMS tool. Bi-directional data transfer and event-based triggers are the primary factors for setting up automation workflows in your TMS.

Ensure Adherence To Electronic Logging Device (ELD) Norms

Many countries require logistics companies to follow comprehensive compliance conditions for operating like ELD and Fuel Tax Credit reconciliation. You can ensure full compliance with the help of data collected by onboard linked units.

The Core Areas Benefited By Implementing A Fleet Management Solution
Vehicle Maintenance

One of the biggest beneficiaries of implementing a fleet management system is vehicle maintenance planning and costs. Every data regarding the truck is collected and synchronized using GPRS for automating fault finding, maintenance, and extending any preemptive measures on a real-time basis.

Personnel Management

The FMS will also act as a database for your drivers and other staff members. It will also help in payroll processing with the help of surveillance and ID authentication. It helps establish the availability of your drivers for various routes and also gives them a chance to put forward their preferences for the routes and trip timings.


The system will also auto-generate the invoice amount based on the distance traveled, freight carried, and pricing model applied. The bills can also include any extra charges based on service requests made by the client. It is shared with the head office and client on an immediate basis or as configured.

Features Of PL Solutions’ Fleet Management System
  • The fleet management system provided by PL Solutions includes a mobile app that allows you to communicate between your drivers and your managing staff.
  • The solution also includes integration with your 3PL Dynamics and Dynamics 365 ERP solution in order to give you centralized visibility to your entire operations.
  • PL Solutions also provides you with in-depth guidance on linking onboard units and retrofitting monitoring hardware to make the FMS compatible with your transport management system’s requirements.
  • You can generate extensive reports on fleet-related data that include but are not limited to mileage, maintenance costs, driving habits, the impact of different routes on your fuel costs and breakdowns, ideal time for transporting goods through a route, trip planning, and shipment handling. They may also help in fulfilling the compliance requirements.
  • It helps your fleet managers in taking calculate decisions on vehicle acquisition, maintenance scheduling, replacing consumable parts, and scrapping,
Advantages Of Using A Fleet Management Solution
  • Get high fuel economy
  • Save on maintenance charges and prevent frequent breakdowns
  • Assist your drivers with trip planning
  • Improve driver and truck safety
  • Share real-time inventory transit data to other stakeholders of your supply chain
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