Barcode Scanning System For A Warehouse

The RFID tag/barcode scanning module supports multiple warehouse management functions that include but are not limited to product registration, order picking, product identification, internal stock transfers, packaging, and shipping. PL Solutions is specialized on 3PL Dynamics focusing solely on the industry of Logistics Service Providers.

Radio Frequency Scanner
Why RF Scanning Systems Are A Basic Requirement For Warehousing/3PL Logistics

As your operations grow, it becomes essential to add a technology stack that streamlines your workflows and helps multiple departments collaborate. One such aspect includes RF scanning that allows you to generate, manage, audit the product data electronically. These tasks require businesses to have accurate information of each inventory item stored, their location, availability of free space, and trackability of the items across your storage facility. Thus RF scanners provide you with a quick, convenient, and reliable solution to register and trace stock throughout your organization.

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Which Type Of Scanners Are Used By Warehouses And Logistics Companies?
Barcode, And QR Code Scanners

These are the most economical options as they use paper-based printing material. Also, the rate of printing is much higher, and the barcode scanners provide high interoperability since they have been a part of the global supply chain for decades now. The only downside of these scanners is the need for close proximity for scanning, and the condition of barcodes/QR codes should be in good condition.

RFID, NFC Scanners

These are technically advanced scanners that require you to use RFID tags/NFC cards to mark the inventory items. These scanners provide better-operating conditions as you can scan the packages from a larger distance at a much higher rate.

Mobile-App Based Scanners

Many businesses prefer integrating smartphone camera-based scanners with their 3PL Dynamics and Dynamics 365 software solutions to improve ease of working and enable their employees to update the database on the go. PL Solutions provides you with technical support to implement mobile app-based scanning as required.

Which Aspects Are Considered For Implementing RF And Barcode Scanning Solutions?
Compatibility Of The RF Tags/Barcodes With Standardization Authorities And Members Of Your Supply Chains

It is necessary that the barcode and RFID scanning equipment is compatible with the standards laid down by governing bodies at the regional and international levels. This applies equally to ensuring compatibility with your suppliers and distributors to ensure that the data fidelity isn’t compromised and your operations are executed without any technical errors.

Label Printing Equipment Available At Your Facility

At PL Solutions, we try to maintain the overall interoperability of the technology stack at your firm, and hence, the existing label printing equipment is taken into consideration before suggesting a suitable solution.

Technical Considerations Including Interoperability With Your ERP Software

This is the most important aspect of devising the solution, as the requirements laid down by the clients may require additional code development and third-party software integrations. Our technical team verifies these aspects to ensure that you don’t face any trouble in the future due to a lack of technical support from either of the vendors.

Features Of RF Scanning Solution Provided By PL Solutions
  • Integration with your accounting software, inventory management, shipping and tracking module, warehouse management system, and order picking module.
  • Updates your inventory database in real-time.
  • Proper training is provided to your technical and ground team for using the scanning devices and establishing standardization with the
  • Aids in improving the accuracy of operations like order picking and packaging while acting as a tool to automate administrative tasks like package registration.
  • The RF/barcode scanning package provided by PL Solutions will also include any custom field requirements that may be helpful to your internal operations.
Radio Frequency
Advantages Of RF Scanning
  • RF/barcode scanning provides a cost-effective solution to automating record keeping.
  • Live data synchronization support for sharing information with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Get throughout visibility of your operations.
  • Trace any damages/faults caused to the items inside your facility with high accuracy.
  • Scan and print barcode data based on GS1/SSCC on demand.
  • EDI support for exporting and importing information in a fast and reliable manner.
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