Warehouse Quality Control

3PL Dynamics Warehouse Quality Control is an integral part of warehouse management. Quality checks are usually performed in the logistics process at any time, however primarily during goods in, storage, and goods out. The outcome of the quality control is entered into the warehouse management system, via tablet, phone, or scanner. Nevertheless, all the data entered is quite transparent for everyone, including the owner of the goods.


Features Of Customized Warehouse Quality Control Software Integrated With Your WMS

Every organization has a unique business case and approach to operations. 3PL Solutions I will help you streamline your entire quality check process beginning with accepting the shipment, checking QA documentation from the supplier, handling the pallets, random sampling, entering the data into WMS, and generating tailored QA reports that add value to your business processes.

QA Processes That Are Aligned With The Warehouse Quality Control
Damage Evaluation

We will help you create SOPs to analyze any damages and grade them for proper feedback. The evaluation results also help to track any shortcomings once the process goods roll out of your premises. We will also help you establish testing procedures, decide the tools used at each stage, and material handling methods, and use the right tools.


You will need to assign QA technicians to implement pre-decided sampling techniques. The sampling methods and instruments used have a huge impact on the outcomes, and hence they need to be WMS synchronized with your WMS.

Feeding Data In The WMS

Once the customization is completed, our technical team will impart the required training to your staff members before handing over the solution. This includes feeding various quality assurance datasets into the WMS with required accuracy levels. Also, we will provide you with guidance for integrating automated solutions as they become necessary for certain industries.

Which Other Modules You Will Need To Integrate For Better Quality Control Software?
Inventory Management System

Our team will integrate your WMS with the inventory management system to help you with inventory counting and managing stock reports alongside quality checks. This helps you with better resource utilization as the inventory items will be tested for quality during material handling and better understand the stored items’ fitness to use.

Shipping Management Module

The integration with the shipping management module helps coordinate with the third-party logistics partners. Synchronizing these modules allows you to conduct prompt quality checking when the shipment arrives at your premises and for business models like dropshipping where cross-docking is used.

Accounting Software

In many cases, it becomes necessary to update the accounting software in real-time. Also, integrating your accounting solution with the WMS quality control data helps improve financial management and aid in payment processing as the records are available to your accounts team in case of discrepancies.

The Process Followed By PL Solutions To Deliver WMS Quality Control Software

The first step involves conducting a site survey and taking an overview of the existing QA processes implemented at your organization. We will also study your WMS solution to get a better idea of your operations.

In the next phase, our team will devise an ideal quality assurance protocol and distribute it among your organization’s stakeholders. This will take your headcount, instruments available, and material handling best practices into account.

In the implementation stage, the updated WMS is deployed, and our team will train your QA staff to operate the WMS solution and feed data as per the updated procedures.

PL Solutions will also help you out with troubleshooting issues if the resources on your end aren’t able to cope with any technical problem. We also provide annualized maintenance service to keep your technical stack updated and secured.

Quality Management

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Benefits Of Implementing Tailored Quality Control Plan
  • Gain a better understanding of the quality of raw materials/semi-finished parts you use.
  • Greater customer satisfaction.
  • Recognize the problems caused by quality defects.
  • Build and execute quality control measures.
  • Reduce the losses incurred due to faulty raw material/goods quality.
  • Track defective supplies using the WMS database and make appropriate arrangements for recall as required.
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