Registering the shipments is a basic and crucial function for warehouses and logistics companies as it enables record keeping. This data might also be required for compliance purposes in case the transferred goods fall under the category of Hazmat. Generally, warehouse package registration is done manually by small-sized organizations, but the recent developments in supply chains have made it necessary to automate the process for better visibility of inventory levels to various stakeholders. PL Solutions is offering a complete package registration process and package registration WMS software customization solution as a part of its comprehensive ERP consultancy services.

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Why Computerized Package Registration Is Essential To Smooth Warehousing

As the number of incoming and outgoing shipments increases, it becomes almost impossible to manually manage the package data using a paper-pen and excel sheet approach. Implementing a fully computerized package registration solution in your 3Pl Dynamics/Dynamics 365 ERP solution helps your staff register all packages quickly and automate the data entry process completely. Thus, you can expedite the loading/unloading process significantly, thereby adding agility to your operations.

Confused Regarding Automating Package Registration For Your Company? Don’t Be. Contact PL Solutions Now!

Don’t Be. Contact PL Solutions Now!

The Problems Solved By Automating Package Registration Software
Lags In Order Processing, RMA, And Other Functions Requiring Data Validation

In the absence of a dedicated package registration solution, some of the basic operational functions like order processing, RMA (return merchandise authorization,) back-ordering, stock transfer, and other processes that require validating stock data are compromised. With warehouse package registration automation, the inventory availability and location data will be synchronized with other ERP modules on a real-time basis, thus improving your operational efficiency.

Misplacing Of Stock

Your logistics company/warehousing unit can fall prey to misplacing the packages or misappropriating quantity, especially under high workloads. Using a computerized system for registering the inbound and outbound items increases the accuracy and helps complete stock transfers at a fast rate.

Errors In Inventory Management Reports

This is one of the biggest problems solved by automating package registration systems as even the simplest errors like writing down the wrong SKU or measuring unit can cause serious issues in inventory management. Tracking these errors could be extremely challenging as one needs to go through the entire database to find search errors. Automation removes any possibility of faulty data interpretation and ensures that you get accurate inventory management records.

How PL Solutions Approach Warehouse Package Registration Optimization?
Understanding Your Operations And Transaction Conditions

We begin with canvassing your operations in terms of the number of packages received/sent, the value of goods transferred, transportation conditions agreed upon by both parties, and quality assurance processes to be followed. The considerations also involve the conditions laid down for making financial transactions against the stock registration inputs.

Devising The Right Automated Package Registration Method And Hardware Integration Scheme

The approach PL Solutions follows to suggest the right package registration solution is by identifying the overall volume and nature of the packages to be recorded and establishing the feasibility of hardware tools like barcode/QR scanners. We also support NFC/RFID tag-based package registry if required by the clients. The selection of registering method also depends on your storage facility and scope to save time while functions like loading/unloading of the goods.

Implementation Of The Hardware And Staff Training For Automating Package Registration

Once the above phases are completed, our development team will make necessary modifications in your 3PL Dynamics software code to integrate the hardware components like scanners and weigh scales. On the other hand, your staff members are also provided with apt training to use the hardware, run basic troubleshooting, and generate product registration reports for administrative purposes like sending status reports to the client.

Features Of Computerized Package Registration Software
  • A fully computerized package registration system helps boost the rate of package transfer as your staff members can confidently handle the shipments.
  • You can update the client/supplier regarding the package conditions, their current location, personnel in charge of delivery, and any developments that might affect the shipment, especially in the case of perishable goods.
  • The record-keeping process is automated, and the insights are available to any stakeholder on a real-time basis with the help of API integration.
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Advantages Of Automating Package Registration
  • Quick load/unload time
  • Accurate database compilation
  • Live synchronization of package records
  • Better accuracy of stock transfer
  • The generated records act as proof in case of a dispute
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