Warehouse Order Picking

Automated Warehouse Order Picking WMS Software Systems, also known as warehouse picking, is becoming an increasingly important warehousing function. It has a huge impact on the operational efficiency and responsiveness of the overall supply chain. PL Solutions is one of the global leaders experienced in ERP consulting, and it has recently vamped up dedicated warehouse order-picking guidance solutions owing to high demand. This includes a comprehensive package for making additional provisions in your WMS software for enhancing your warehouse picking process.

The Types Of Order Picking Applied In Warehousing

Depending on your business model, PL Solutions will help you select the right warehouse picking model to ship products accurately at a faster rate. The below models are implemented to aid the picking process:

  1. Discrete Order Picking
  2. Zone Order Picking
  3. Batch Order Picking
  4. Wave Order Picking
  5. Automated Warehouse Picking
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Why It Is Necessary To Computerize Warehouse Order Picking Software?
To Ensure That The Warehouse Staff Retrieves The Right Items Quickly

Without a computerized solution, it is difficult for your staff members to retrieve the stored products, especially if you have a large warehouse. WMS order picking software will help your staff members with real-time report generation that displays the item location, route to be followed, and even the material handling equipment to be used.

To Optimize The Time And Labor Required For Order Picking

One of the biggest advantages of using WMS order picking software is thoroughly optimizing the time and headcount required for automated order picking systems. The software solutions auto-generate the estimated human resources required, establish their availability and the availability of the material handling equipment to streamline the operations. This helps reduce the panicking in situations like a sudden surge in order or labor shortage while allowing youtube to ship products at an optimal rate.

To Generate Detailed BI Reports For Analytical Purposes

Order picking reports can be useful for cross-checking the work of adjacent activities and tracking any damages caused to the items during the shipping process. The team at PL Solutions also stresses integrating the order picking function of your WMS with other modules to facilitate internal audits and cost optimization.

How PL Solutions Design The Right Order Picking Process
Evaluating Your Operational Needs

The selection of an ideal solution depends on the size of your storage facility, the number of orders processed daily, material handling equipment, human resource availability, and your stock carrying capacity. Thus, the final package offered is tailored to your operational needs.

Establishing ERP Software Compatibility

Your ERP solution and the technicalities of the Warehouse Order Picking WMS Software Systems, in particular, play a huge role in the implementation process. Based on the ERP configuration, the developers at PL Solutions will build and deploy the order-picking function to meet your requirements.

Long Term Business Goals

Another factor we consider is the long-term business aspirations of the client since the current solution offered needs to be preemptive enough to meet evolving needs of your business.

Features Of WMS-Enabled Order Picking Software

The warehouse manager/supervisor is provided with a ready-to-print report that contains the list of items to be picked in an instance, resource allocated, picking equipment details, route to be followed, and handling instructions if any. The individual copies for the picking staff are also included here.

The solution also includes integration with the barcode labeling set up to print labels for each pickup. These labels are put upon trays (that display the exact item to be placed inside them), trolleys that are to be used, handling instructions, and the item’s location apart from the route to avoid any chances of making a mistake.

For the next phase, the WMS solution will provide your staff members at the packing station with the unloading details to facilitate prompt and accurate packing once the picking is completed.

Based on the client requirements, we also provide advanced solutions for automated AS/RS solutions, Voice-directed warehousing (VDW), Robot-based picking, and mobile phone scanner integration.

The package includes seamless synchronization with your inventory management and shipping management modules to ensure that the product data components like SKUs and fitness for consumption are validated properly.

Advantages Of Using WMS Solutions For Executing Order Picking
  • You can utilize your human resources optimally.
  • The order picking process gets highly refined as your warehouse staff is aware of the item’s location and its route.
  • You can expect accurate inventory management data as stock movements are monitored through computerized solutions.
  • You can expect higher coordination levels with third-party logistics partners as the shipping management module is integrated with your WMS to execute activities like cross-docking, which require extra agility.
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