Keep Inventory Up-To-Date With Cycle Counting

3PL Dynamics Cycle Counting is a sampling technique for inventory where a small number of items are counted daily to determine the accuracy of the inventory records. This method is used to replace yearly physical counting of the stock at a much-reduced cost. The cycle counting in the inventory management module from the 3PL Dynamics warehouse management system allows you to confirm the available stock quickly and use this information for operations. 

As your business grows, keeping a tab of inventory becomes time-consuming and complicated. This affects your organization at multiple levels, such as inaccurate inventory impacting customer fillrate service, forcing you to maintain buffer stock. Our WMS solution helps you make swift yet well-informed decisions using the cycle counting module.

Which Type Of Organizations Can Benefit From Cycle Counting

Both brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce businesses can benefit from cycle counting if: 

  • You are growing rapidly 
  • You are facing troubles with inventory reconciliation 
  • Your inventory audits point towards frequent discrepancies. 
  • You don’t have real-time insights on available stock. 

If your organization is facing one or more of these troubles, 3PL dynamics cycle counting software can become an incredible solution. It will help you save a lot of man-hours and efforts while providing a better estimate of the in-hand stock. 

How PL Solutions Helps Implement Cycle Counting In WMS Solutions

Since cycle counting is a perpetual inventory control method, our experts provide a comprehensive solution that includes the following steps: 

  1. Collect your past inventory management data and identify the areas that are most vulnerable to discrepancies.  
  2. Select the right cycle counting model for your store locations and perform scheduling. 
  3. Set automation workflows that delegate workload to your staff members through integration with the HR software. 
  4. Train your staff to conduct cycle count. This includes stopping the influx-efflux of inventory, distributing counting zones, auditing, and tallying figures in the cycle counting WMS software module.
  5. Generate comprehensive reports to track and reduce discrepancies along with curbing proliferation. 
Cycle Counting
Get Customized Cycle Counting Module In Your WMS Solution

The customized WMS by 3PL Dynamics allows you to implement the following methods of executing cycle counting in inventory management:

Cycle Counting By Consumption

In this method, the items with the highest consumption rate are given preference in the counting process, while slow-moving inventory is counted less frequently. This approach also known as the ABC Classification, allows you to focus on the goods that are more likely to have irregularities with minimal effort.

Cycle Counting By Surface Area

When using the surface area method, your warehouse is divided into small zones and allocated to the junior staff members. A supervisor is assigned to each one of them who trains them and confirms the quantities.

Control Group Cycle Counting

This approach relies on using your WMS in combination with SOPs.

Random Sampling

If your premises hold large quantities of similar items, random sampling could be the perfect choice for you. It is carried out through either of these two methods:

  • Constant Population Cycle Counting: Here, certain items are audited repeatedly while excluding others completely.
  • Diminished Population Cycle Counting: This is a relatively better approach where the items to be excluded are counted first, and the rest of the counting is done as usual.

Based on your requirements, our implementation experts will design appropriate processes, customize your cycle counting WMS software orientation, and train your staff.

benefits of cycle counting
Benefits Of Our Cycle Counting In Inventory Management Solution At A Glance
  • You don’t need to count your inventory items over and over again. 
  • Reliable, feasible, and convenient solution. 
  • Allows bi-directional data flow across multiple modules. 
  • Improved inventory and warehouse management efficiency. 
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