Let the digitalization of the PL Solutions maritime freight forwarding software streamline the entire operation of sea freight, its documentation, monitor revenue, and generate expenses across locations. The freight industry is growing at a tremendous rate. So, PL Solutions has developed innovative maritime freight forwarding software to deliver an accurate and faster result. With the ERP system, the maritime freight forwarding software of PL Solutions promises a better delivery than others in the market. 

The PL Solutions provide the Maritime freight forwarding software that delivers powerful and flexible collaborative tools to enhance productivity and reduce cost. In addition, our maritime freight software has advanced cloud-based features that ensure end-to-end functionality.

Why Is Maritime Freight Forwarding Software Essential?

The PL Solutions has developed a systemic and dynamic software for maritime freight forwarding to handle all tasks related to the maritime freight forwarding task. The software helps to automate the entire maritime freight forwarding process. Further, one of the main advantages that the maritime freight forwarding software of PL Solution imparts is maximizing the portability and efficiency of shipping. In addition, the software can manage international and domestic inbound and outbound freight operations simultaneously. 

Want to generate accuracy in the maritime freight forwarding task? Call PL Solutions to avail their maritime freight forwarding software.

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Maritime Freight Forwarding Software Tracking
  • Save working hours 

The way PL Solution’s maritime freight forwarding software tracks information with real-time container status is worth noticing. 

  • Avoid demurrage of fees and detention 

The auto-notification of the maritime freight forwarding software keeps you updated with the real-time condition of the container, thereby saving more on detention and demurrage charges. 

  • Keep customers happy and updated 

With the maritime freight forwarding software of PL Solutions, you can conduct more efficient communication and produce less effort. 

  • Manage logistics provider 

During the process of maritime freight forwarding, several logistics are involved. Once this data of the logistics are entered into the software, you will be notified accordingly.

Which Are The Factors You Should Keep In Mind While Using Maritime Forwarding

Sea freight expedition tariffs

There are no standard sea freight rates. Prices depend on the load (Ro / Ro, FCL full containers, LCL groupage or cars in containers). But also of the location of origin and destination, and the number of ships that sail that route. Our sea freight expedition software records complex tariff agreements, so you always have insight into the costs.

Register data

Capture the necessary data in our sea freight expedition software for the handling of containers, pallets, cars or packages:

  • Product information (size, weight, hazardous substances, etc.)
  • Temperature
  • Details Client & Receiver
  • Loading and unloading address
  • Shipping Company & ship
  • Ports
  • ETD and ETA
Features Of 3PL Dynamics Maritime Forwarding Implementation In TMS

Sea freight forwarding documents

  • For the transport of goods by sea, the proper export and import documents are required to get the goods smoothly across the border in order not to pay too much import duties. The entire range of sea freight can be managed with our software, from beginning to end. You enter data only once and the software simplifies and accelerates work processes, saving you time and providing you better insight. Once you have entered the data, you have the necessary documents:
  • Bill of lading, Retrieval- / delivery documents for containers, CMR for container, Invoices, Customs declarations, Assignments & confirmations, Shipments certificates, Value statement, EUR.1 certificate, Certificate of Origin (CO), ATR.
  • The maritime module is integrated with your Dynamic 365 ERP to support your overall operations.
Benefits Of Using Maritime Freight Forwarding Software
  • Manage sea freight documents with integrated modules 
  • Take care of domestic and international inbound and outbound sea freight forwarding options 
  • Enhance efficiency and portability of shipping
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