Maritime Forwarding

Maritime forwarding refers to the transportation of goods or products through waterways. It is quite efficient for both short-distance in-land transport and long-distance transport. Maritime forwarding is a very cost-effective method and can be harnessed for sending goods on a large scale. It is not as fast as compared to air forwarding, but the competitive pricing compensates for the time lag. PL Solutions, a renowned ERP consultancy service provider, offers comprehensive maritime forwarding guidance to help its clientele on an end-to-end basis.

Why is Maritime Forwarding Essential To The Global Supply Chain

Maritime forwarding is responsible for a majority of global trade and ecommerce owing to its costing, speed, and scale of operation. It allows businesses of all sizes to participate in trade and commerce with international customers. The overall model is backed by financial institutions and government bodies to promote trade. Almost 90% of the transportation between different nations occurs over seaways due to these reasons, making it one of the most important parts of the global supply chain and economy at large.

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Options Available For Maritime Forwarding
Passenger Vessels

As the name indicates, they are mainly used to ferry people from one location to another. They generally operate over small distances and might be used in case the cargo is handled by trucks on both ends of the in-land waterway channel.

General Cargo Ships

These ships are used for carrying non-bulk cargoes. They can’t carry more than 100,000 Dwt as their loading and unloading take a considerable amount of time.

Bulk Carriers

Bulk carriers are used to ship large payloads over the ocean, and they can carry upto 350,000 Dwt (liquid) and 400,000 Dwt (solid) cargo.

Roll on Roll off (RORO) Vessels

These ships can carry much larger loads, including trains and large boiler parts. They are humongous in size and only used for long routes.

Which Are The Factors You Should Keep In Mind While Using Maritime Forwarding
Buying The Right Shipping Insurance

It is mandatory to buy shipping insurance when sending goods through seaways, but you need to be careful with your choice of shipping insurance. The prices may vary depending on a lot of factors that may be new to the first-time senders.

Look Out For Hidden Costs

Hidden costs in maritime shipping are extremely common, and they are generally and in the form of variable service charges. PL Solutions provides its customers with a proper understanding of these charges and helps negotiate the terms well in advance.

Hire The Right Shipping Carrier

It may be confusing whether to choose a shipping carrier like UPS and FedEx or to go with independent brokers. We will provide you with the proper knowledge to hire the right shipping solution that offers quality service without costing you an arm and a leg.

Pay Attention To Terms Of Service

Terms of service also play a huge role in choosing the shipping carrier. For instance, it is necessary to decide which party will approach the customs office in case the consignment is held, if it is chargeable, and whether your shipping carrier has a customs agent at the delivery location or not.

Features Of PL Solutions' Maritime Forwarding Implementation In TMS
  • PL Solutions will develop and deploy the customized Transport Management System that fits in your business model and integrate it with all leading maritime shipping companies to help you get an accurate view of your cargo on a real-time basis.
  • We will also impart you comprehensive guidance on buying shipping insurances, Letter of Credit considerations, signing SLAs, hiring customs agents in case the provider doesn’t include them in the scope of service and contracting.
  • Depending on your goods and your budget, PL services help you decide what kind of ship you should use for transportation.
  • The shipping module will also be integrated with your Dynamics 365 ERP to support your overall operations.
  • Our support team will help you with our contacts spread across the globe to aid you in any maritime shipping-related bottlenecks in case of emergencies.
Benefits Of Using Maritime Forwarding
  • Shorter time duration required for transportation
  • Allows following tight deadlines
  • Budget-friendly
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