With the increase in product bundling, the eCommerce industry needs something that can ease its logistics process. At the same time, enhance the accuracy of the operations. To meet the market’s demands, PL Solutions have come up with their groupage software which generates a win-win solution both to the buyer and the seller. We understand how hectic it becomes for you to execute all the orders for the day without making any mistakes. To resolve all these issues, the Groupage software of PL Solutions is an ideal solution.

Why is product bundling gaining more traction recently?

Over the years, it has been noticed that the eCommerce business has increased. Also, it is expected to increase more, shortly. To meet the customers’ demands, it is essential to generate a digital solution that will impart excellent accuracy that you are looking forward to. With the groupage software of PL Solutions, you can conduct fast and correct registration of logistics orders in large volumes. This means the logistics work will not only be generated faster but also in a seamless manner.

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Which Challenges Are Solved By Using Groupage Software
Dormant Stock Piled Up In Your Inventory

The groupage software identifies the stock sitting in your warehouse for a long time period. It provides bundling suggestions to clear the real estate and make space for new stock. This is an important aspect of inventory management as the value of certain goods is eroded despite them not being perishable in nature, like apparel.

Facilitate Inventory Reconciliation And Provide Cost Allocation Data

One of the biggest challenges solved by implementing groupage software is streamlining inventory management reports like inventory reconciliation and providing the users with cost allocation data. Maintaining these records manually isn’t possible due to the complexities involved in the transactions.

Displaying Combos, Pricing, And Order Processing

The groupage software facilitates the automated listing of combos on your online ceiling channels and displays the pricing accordingly. It will also process the order request accordingly and communicate any shipping instructions included.

The Scope Of Customization Required To Integrate Groupage Solutions
Warehouse Management System

Customizing your WMS is a basic requirement for implementing groupage software as it needs access to the items occupying your storage facility, the time period for which they have been sitting around, and their current location.

Shipment Management System

The shipment management module requires heavy customization if it doesn’t have provisions to handle bundle orders. This is due to the fact that certain online ceiling channels do not support product bundling directly and require you to process orders in an internally coordinated manner. PL Solutions specializes in implementing such software customization packages.

Inventory And Accounting Modules

Lastly, your inventory management and accounting models need to be integrated for generating a seamless view of the items sold under the combo packs and make necessary adjustments for accounting and bookkeeping.

Features Of Groupage Software Provided By PL Solutions
  • The intuitive product bundling suggestions generated by our groupage software not only help in-stock clearance but also help you the best combination for maximizing your profitability from each product combo offered.
  • PL Solutions will carry out the development and customizing of the code of your Dynamics 365 ERP along with all necessary modules.
  • Third-party integrations are also a part of our comprehensive package as it is necessary to synchronize data with your shipping partners in cases where the items are located at different storage facilities and cannot be packed together.
  • We will provide training for your technical staff and operators to use the new interface for processing bundled product orders. Training is also provided to your packaging staff members since they need to combine the product parcels.
  • We will provide you with annualized maintenance and updation apart from solving your queries over live chat, phone calls, and email correspondence.
Advantages Of Using Groupage Software For Product Bundling
  • Conduct stock clearance in a fast manner.
  • Boost your bottom line by creating product bundles that improve overall profitability.
  • Get automated suggestions for product bundling based on sales data and SKU-based information on long-sitting stock.
  • Automate accounting and record-keeping for simpler compliance.
  • Generate ready-to-print reports for order picking and packaging.
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