Air Forwarding

Air forwarding is referred to as the use of passenger/commercial airplanes to transfer goods to regional/international locations. It is the quickest transportation mode for sending freight across long distances, and it provides superior product handling and great visibility of the products in transit. PL Solutions, a market-leading ERP consultancy firm, is offering its clients dedicated consultancy services for air forwarding solutions.

Why Air Forwarding Is Essential To Global Supply Chains

Ever since the advent of globalization, air forwarding has become an integral part of the supply chains. It provides the shortest shipping times, which is now becoming a basic requirement for many companies due to the next-day delivery model. Also, air forwarding allows businesses to get easier access to their cargo as compared to maritime shipping. Perishable goods are also one of the biggest reasons behind the high demand for air shipping.

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Air Freight Options Available
Consolidated Forwarding Or Console

This is the most economical option where the shipper combines your cargo with other freight, making it more affordable.

Dedicated Services

These flights have a higher running frequency and thereby cost a premium over the consolidated forwarding costs.

Back To Back/Direct Service

When the freight forwarder has a significant number of items to be shipped, they use direct service flights for sending the cargo in the next flight to the destination.

Aircraft Charters

For larger and important consignments, an entire aircraft may be chartered to ensure prompt and dedicated delivery.

Next Flight Out

For smaller packages that need to be transported immediately, the next flight out model is used to furnish the demand right away.

Which Factors You Need To Consider To Find The Right Air Forwarding Partner
Pricing And Value Added Logistics Offered

We will help you devise a strategy for negotiating the ideal pricing with respect to your scheduling and cargo to be shipped. We also provide guidance on selecting value added logistics in a way that helps cut down the overall costs incurred.

The Availability Of Right Plane To Fulfil Your Needs

Air forwarding is based on weight, and it is necessary to find a shipper that selects the ideal plane from passenger airlines, cargo only, and supercargo every time to keep the costs economical.

The Accuracy Of The Shipping Data Shared

PL Solutions finds that one needs to be careful about the accuracy of the real-time updates shared by the air forwarder as third parties are involved in the pickup and checking of the air cargo, leaving many chances of mistakes in case the shipper choses unfit parties. Thus, we filter out only the reliable service providers who share accurate data over web integration.

Features Of PL Solutions' Air Forwarding Implementation In Your TMS

PL solution will provide you with comprehensive guidance on buying insurance. As another service provider gets the products transported, the insurance terms need to be upheld, or you won’t receive proper compensation. PL Solutions will help you with proper guidance to get started.

PL Solutions will help you in negotiating the SLA terms and conditions to safeguard your interests.

Air forwarders charge you money based on volumetric weight. Thus, it is also important to maintain your products’ weight, choose the right packaging materials and box dimensions. Also, our experts will provide you with guidance on identifying any hidden costs while selecting the shipper.

To keep you in control of the delivery process, PL services will provide you proper tracking integration on your 3PL Dynamics/Dynamics 365 for seamless visibility. You will be able to share tracking data with your customers as well.

The integration with your WMS and shipping module will allow your staff members to dispatch and receive air cargo punctually and follow any packaging instructions to minimize the scope for errors.

Benefits Of Using Air Forwarding
  • Ship your products at the fastest speed.
  • Your consignment won’t face troubles related to customs clearance, one of the biggest downsides of maritime forwarding.
  • Ideal solution for shipping time-sensitive items and perishable goods.
  • Air forwarding is a relatively economical solution for quickly transporting cargo over large distances.
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